6 Atlantic steps to make your city known

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  • The Association of Atlantic Cities


The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) is an association, composed of 20 local authorities that represent almost 400 municipalities. It was created on July 7, 2000 in Rennes, by M. Edmond Hervé (then Mayor of the City). The goal was to create a network with and for the cities placed at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the Conference wishes to develop a collaborative relationship between its members and to enable them to be heard by the European institutions, without forgetting citizen dialogue at the continental level.


  • Who are the members?


The members of the CAAC are: Cork, Lisboa, Faro, Viana do Castelo, A Coruña, Avilés, Donostia San Sebastián, Gijón, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santiago de Compostela, Santander, Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, La Rochelle Agglomération, Brest Métropole, Grand Poitiers, Cherbourg en Cotentin, Lorient Agglomération, Rennes et Rennes Métropole, Saint Nazaire Agglomération and Bretagne Développement Innovation. The official languages of the CAAC are: Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. Currently, the President of the Conference is Mr José Maria Costa, Mayor of Viana do Castelo and President of the Portuguese Delegation of the Committee to the Regions.


  • How it works?


The General Assembly brings together the members of the association. This official body is intended to define the ideas and actions to be taken by the organization. Moreover, they debate on European themes with the aim to express their opinions and share experiences on different topics.

The Executive Bureau is a Management Board. It is composed of the President and the following Vice-Presidents: David Samzun (Mayor of Saint-Nazaire and President of Saint-Nazaire Agglomération), Gema Igual (Mayor of Santander) and Sylvie Guerry-Gazeau (Vice-President of La Rochelle Agglomération). Nathalie Apéré is also part of the Executive Bureau as Mayor of the city of Rennes, which holds the Honorary Presidency. The Executive Bureau allows following and deciding the lines of action of the association, it claims for the optimal execution of resolutions approved by the General Assembly, and coordinates the work of the Thematic Commissions. The Chair-cities of the Thematic Commissions are members of the Executive Bureau as well.


  • The interest of the Thematic Commissions


The Thematic Commissions have a technical nature and they support the members in the implementation of projects. Their actions rest upon the topics the Commission works in. They are a source of expertise as well.


The current themes and presidents of the Commissions are:

  1. Ocean and Blue Growth: Brest Métropole and François Cuillandre as President of Brest Métropole and Mayor of Brest City;
  2. Participation: A Coruña and Xulio Ferreiro, as Mayor of A Coruña;
  3. Sustainable Urban Development: La Rochelle Agglomération and Sylvie Guerry-Gazeau, as Vice president of La Rochelle Agglomération and Mayor of Clavette.


  • The support of the General Secretariat


The Secretariat has a supporting and coordinating role on the actions of CAAC, as well as the spokesperson of its members before the European Union and its Institutions. The General Secretariat is constituted of three working areas: EU/projects, Administration and Communication. Currently, Ms Tamara Guirao Espiñera is the Secretary-General since 2016.


  • A competition to stand out


The CAAC holds since 2012 an annual competition called the Atlantic City of the Year. This competition allows an Atlantic city to increase its European notoriety and to make its actions known. The conditions are simple, it is necessary to be situated by the Atlantic Arc and acting consistently with the Charter of San Sebastian.