A Framework for City Action on Jobs

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How to help cities support and grow more and better jobs for the recovery? This is the key challenge tackled by the paper “More Jobs: Better Cities – A Framework for City Action on Jobs” part of a series of six new URBACT thematic reports “Cities of Tomorrow: Action Today”.  Written by Mike Campbell and Alison Partridge, this report provides a framework for city action on jobs. It can be used as a tool to review and develop existing approaches, stimulating a rethinking of city action and providing advice and guidance to policy-makers and practitioners.
The report “More Jobs: Better Cities – A Framework for City Action on Jobs” is aimed at practitioners and policy-makers at the city level, as well as those at national and international levels, concerned with urban employment and skills policy and practice. It sets out a whole system approach, a strategic, coherent, systematic and integrated means of creating more and better jobs.
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