May 9: “tell us about your vision of Europe”

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At the European Council in Milan in 1985, the heads of State and Government decided to establish on 9 may as “Europe Day”. 35 years earlier, Robert Schuman presented his proposal for an organization of Europe, to maintain peaceful relations. This proposal, called the “Schuman declaration”, is considered to be the birth certificate of the European Union.

On this occasion, we asked our team on their vision of Europe:

Tamara Guirao-Espiñeira, Secretary General, “we must imagine a large house with 28 roommates. From time to time, the elevator breaks down. Sometimes the neighbor makes too much noise. But we still like each other because we’re stronger together.”. Interview conducted by Olivier Brovelli for the “Info Metropole” in June 2009.

Martin Joubert, Assistant in European affairs and projects, for him, “Further in this period of rising nationalism, Europe means cooperate and coexist within a multicultural space. States must therefore gather around these values for a strong and sustainable Europe.”

Chrystèle Bougerie, Administrative Assistant, Europe is “a very large market among more than 27 countries, nations, free exchange, welded and joined to the Euro, it pushes us to open, move, multiply experiences mainly to European countries and learn foreign languages.”

Morgane L’Hermite, Junior Communication Assistant, “Schools should promote more exchanges with organizations such as Erasmus into their school programs. Discovering new cities, new cultures, and learning languages is a strong point for employment and personal enrichment.”

Don’t hesitate to share your own experiences with Europe!