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A study trip exploring sustainable city solutions has been organised in Copenhagen, the 2014 winner of the European Green Capital Award. From 19-20 September, the event will highlight how cities can tackle CO2 emissions, reduce pollution and improve air quality for all their inhabitants.

Decision makers will join European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard and architectural icon of sustainability Bjark Ingels to explore how more EU citizens can benefit from these eco-friendly practices. Commissioner Hedegaard and the European Commission’s flagship campaign on climate change A world you like both aim to bring these low-carbon solutions to scale.

Invited guests will tour a series of green initiatives in Copenhagen including a trip to a waste incineration plant with a downhill ski slope on the roof (Amager Resource Centre). Participants will also see the Royal Danish Theatre’s innovative energy saving system before a canal tour of the city by electric-powered boat and a visit to the new energy-neutral headquarters of Ramboll, the consulting and engineering group.

More Information: world-you-like.europa.eu

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