INTERACT: European Union Macro-Regional Strategies

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The creation of the first European Union macro-regional strategy in 2009, more than 50 years after Europe acknowledged regional differences within its territory (in 1957, the old Treaty of Rome actually addressed these differences) was the result of an evolution that we can now appreciate as purely natural: Solid ground had to be prepared for deeper cooperation.
Indeed, the creation of macro-regional strategies, in which the European Union acts as a facilitator, is the result of Member States’ desire to work together as efficiently as possible in order to address issues of common interest.
Just as when the Treaty of Rome was focused on the future, while addressing regional differences, we are as well when we address the issue of the European Union macro-regional strategies.
What is a macro-region? What is a European Union macroregional strategy? How does it work? How can it be bettered? Why is it so important for our common European future? You can find the answers to these and additional questions in this issue of INTERACT newsletter.

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