Looking for guest bloggers in the Atlantic Arc

Atlantic Arc : Geography (+ Madeira, Açores et Canarias)
Atlantic Arc : Geography (+ Madeira, Açores et Canarias)

The purpose of this blog is to report on CAAC daily activity while vulgarising and disseminating the Atlantic Arc and its cities in all its dimensions: culture, music, literature, politics, history, cooperation, citizenship and a long etc…

In order to do so, CAAC has decided to open it to external participation, and therefore we invite any interested person to propose us a topic to be analysed, a post to be published, an article to be reblogged, etc… as far as it corresponds to our guest blogging policy. 

Wanna join the Atlantic Arc movement? Nothing easier!

  • We are not looking for a scientific/academic article. At least, not at first. The post has to be drafted in a simple way, adapted to the general public as audience. It has to be short and focused around 3 or 4 key arguments. We can always add a longer, more formal article as attachment.
  • As for the copyright, you will retain any rights! We can even add a link to your CV, personal blog, etc… In addition, as far as things go in the Internet, we recomend you to open a free account in safecreative.
  • The blog will be closed in August, so as to prepare the Autumn, but you can send us a proposal anytime to CAAC official e-mail: headquarters (a) atlanticcities.eu with “Atlantic Blogging” as subject

Looking forward to reading you!


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