Atlantic Cities proposes to the European Commission an Atlantic Corridor of Transports coherent with the territory

Last 3rd December, the Executive Bureau of Atlantic Cities was met in Paris to adopt the political position of the network…

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Atlantic Cities took part at the ECORIS3 project partners meeting in Vilnius

Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park hosted a workshop of Interreg Europe project ecoRIS3 in Vilnius on the... Read more »

Camino Portugués de la costa: un caso de éxito

El mes de octubre volvió a dejar buenos datos sobre la ruta portuguesa del camino de Santiago que sigue aumentando a un ritmo…

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Portugal will have the largest floating wind power plant of the world

The project is called Windfloat and it is based on an offshore wind farm in which wind turbines are placed on a floating platform…

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The documentary “Heritage” by Flávio Cruz on Viana parties was awarded

The ART & TUR Festival, International Tourism Film, which took place in Leiria from October 23rd to 26th, has just awarded…

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Brest welcomes Conferences of the Sea

Brest, president of “Ocean”, a thematic commission of Atlantic Cities, will be the venue of 2018 edition for the most…

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Erasmus+ Internship: Communications

The trainee, with the support and training of the General Secretariat, will be responsible for contributing to the communication…

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