Opening of the XIV General Assembly

By Philippe Duron, former CAAC president

Dear friends,

Today we share a special moment for our network, for ourselves, …

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Youth participation in local government and sustainable urban planning


Happy European Youth Week!

A year ago, CAAC Coordinator, Tamara Guirao, toghether with Samuel Baylet, trainee,…

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Atlantic Arc Twinnings

300px-Front_de_mer_st-nazaireCAAC network is an example of how bilateral relations can develop into more formal, tight and multidimentsional relations.…

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The Metropolitan Area Loire-Bretagne

Angers, Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, Brest and Rennes are associated within the Metropolitan Area Loire-Bretagne (PMLB).…

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“Nantes Saint Nazaire, just imagine” une vraie stratégie marketing

Les villes de Nantes et Saint Nazaire ont décidé il y a quelques années de placer l’international au... Read more »

Atlantic Port Cities meet in Saint Nazaire

Gathering Atlantic Port Cities from Milford Haven to Faro, the CAAC task force on Port Cities met in Saint Nazaire last November…
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Gijon – Saint Nazaire: Happy Birthday