Urban policies in the European Union from the perspective of collaborative planning

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Understand the contribution of the URBAN approach to the Spanish scenario of urban regeneration

Collaborative Planning has been adopted as the conceptual framework that has provided the theoretical base, the focus and the guiding principle from which to analyse the urban dimension of European policies, through the development of a study that has delved into the historical context and the theoretical debate that laid the foundation of this approach to fight urban degradation launched by the European Commission in 1994. “The first step in the context of the PhD research was the identification of the conceptual framework.  From the beginning the interest of the thesis lied beyond the results of the programmes, seeking to understand the contribution of the URBAN approach to the Spanish scenario of urban regeneration.  As a result the conceptual framework had to be positioned in relation to the methodological element of URBAN that could make a more significant contribution to the Spanish case.”

More info and source: http://www.eukn.org/Interviews/2012/Urban_policies_in_the_European_Union_from_the_perspective_of_collaborative_planning

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