ANATOLE presented to local stakeholders

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Different events in partners’ territories have brought ANATOLE results to citizens, councils, civil society and producers. In Galicia, ADTERRA has exposed ANATOLE goals and output to diverse civil society organisations in Costa da Morte, Paradanta and other areas. Also, together with CAAC Secretariat, ADTERRA staff presented the project in the Ist Forum of Sustainable Development in the Atlantic, at the end of September in Vigo.
In France, for instance, the Chamber of Agriculture of Dordogne, known for its pilot projects as the brand development of Flavors of Périgord or the creation of a platform for local supply, hosted on 15 and 16 September an European Seminar about Anatole.
In the Basque Country, IMK has spread the word in Donostialdea, through the initiative Asteburuan… baserrira!, that invited citizens to meet rural areas’ day-to-day while tasting local products and facilitating exchange between producers and consumers.

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