ANATOLE: Smart local strategies for the Atlantic Arc Cities

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The ANATOLE project addresses a fundamental question for the Atlantic cities: its responsibility in the promotion of the local economy, food security and the link urban-rural, all dimensions of the economy of proximity. This approach comes to translate the San Sebastian Charter approved by the Atlantic cities in 2008 and integrates into the macro-regional vision for the Atlantic Arc.
ANATOLE project reveals not only the important role of cities in the development of the Atlantic area, but it also the economy of proximity as an indispensable tool to combine the three areas of sustainability: environmental, economic and social, in an eco-systemic approach to growth. Similarly, the efforts in the fight against climate change are more effective when they are focusing on the daily activities and at the local level.
Thus, it is not only consistent with the dimensions announced by the European Commission in its proposal of November, but also with the guidelines established by other institutions, such as the European Parliament, the Atlantic Arc Commission and the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities.
In conclusion, an Atlantic, territorial and maritime strategy must take into account the innovative tools created by the Atlantic actors. In addition, this strategy should promote a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Atlantic Area that addresses the challenges of the future, including healthy and sustainable food and protection of the primary sectors

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