Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs in Brussels

On February 7 the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) was presented in Brussels.... Read more »

Executive Board in favor of an Atlantic Corridor and a Macroregional Strategy

On February 7, the Executive Board, meeting in Brussels, approved the position paper of the Atlantic Cities on the need …

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La aglomeración de la Rochelle galardonada con un premio a las energías ciudadanas

La comunidad de aglomeración ha sido galardonada con el Premio de energías ciudadanas en la categoría de autoridades…

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The Atlantic Cities turn 18

Last Saturday the network of the Atlantic Cities turned 18. Founded on July 7, 2000 by Mr. Edmond Hervé in Rennes, the network…

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Call for experts : Prospective Study for the Atlantic Cities

The assessment and analysis of the situation, trends and prospects of Atlantic Cities are an integral part of the Atlantic…

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Mobility: a major challenge for Atlantic cities

A unique event of its kind, inOut is part of Rennes Métropole’s DNA, recognized nationally for its ambitious public…

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Atlantic Nautical Games: Saint Nazaire 2018

The next edition of the Atlantic Nautical Games will take place in Saint Nazaire (France) from August 26 to August 31, 2018.…

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