The Atlantic City of the Year competition opens up to the world

Registrations are officially open since May 22. The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities is therefore actively seeking of the Atlantic City of the Year 2018.

This year, the network desires to open up to international arena and defend the Atlantic identity of cities in Europe, America, Africa and the United Kingdom. If you are eligible or if you know a city that is, feel free to compete via this form and share this opportunity.

The elected city will be at the centre of the communication of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, increasing its visibility and its recognition via a label of Atlantic urban development, on the foundations of the Charter of San Sebastian.

Furthermore, if the winning city is not a member of the Atlantic network, it will be offered an international technical support (European projects, communication in diverse languages on the activities of the city, consulting on the European position…), worth more than 10 000 euros, which will enable the city to join the Atlantic community.

In the framework of this contest, we invite you to participate in a test to determine Which Atlantic City should be your next holiday destination? To find out, click this link and/or go to the Facebook test.


Act on social networks with #ACY2018!