Cork City Council takes action for an improved water quality.

Cork is an Irish City, member of Atlantic Cities since 2000. Always searching for new opportunities to grow and to better the life of its citizens, it has start a new landmark project in November.

Drinking water treatment began at the historic Lee Road Water Treatment Plant site 140 years ago in 1879. Before then, Cork City’s water supply scheme was first established in 1768 at the historic Old Cork Waterworks. There has been no major upgrade of the Lee Road Water Treatment Plant since the 1950’s, but everything has changed this year.

Thanks to Irish Water (a company created by the Irish Government to provide  water and wastewater services to the Irish population), the project  aims to upgrade Cork’s Lee Road Water Treatment plant to ensure it meets the needs of an increasing population and supports the ongoing economic growth of Cork City.

The upgraded plant will supply water to over 70% of the population of Cork City, by including modern water treatment, ensuring a safe and secure water supply for the rapidly developing city.

Resources management, particularly water management is a key element to make  the development of cities of the Atlantic Arc possible.

Therefore Atlantic Cities is involved in several European projects, including the EURE project whose goal is to better use the EU funds for a urban and sustainable development more efficient.

Do not hesitate to learn more about Cork by visiting the website here.