4 out of 5 European Green Capitals are also CIVITAS Cities

The CIVITAS Initiative (“City-Vitality-Sustainability”, or “Cleaner and Better Transport in Cities”) was launched in 2002 to introduce ambitious transport measures and policies towards sustainable urban mobility. Through a community of cities, CIVITAS aims to establish sustainable transport through advancements in innovative technology and policy-based strategies. The CIVITAS Forum network comprises of 200 cities which in turn represent 68 million citizens in 31 countries. Among them, the Green Capitals of Stockolm, Copenhaguen, Vitoria -Gasteiz and CAAC member, Nantes Métropole.
The fundamental aim of CIVITAS is to create green cities through focusing on the transport sector. The European Green Capital Award sets out to acknowledge cities’ efforts in becoming sustainable and lists transport as one of its 12 criteria for the award. It is no surprise then that 4 out 5 European Green Capital title holders are CIVITAS cities. Their commitment to sustainable urban transport is one of the reasons why the Jury selected them to represent the award.
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