6 C’s for CAAC

Tamara Guirao, Coordinator of the Atlantic Arc Cities

What is CAAC? That is recurring and not so obvious question in my daily work. The first answer is that the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities is an international association of cities located in South Western Europe, but in fact, it is much more than that. Concerning networking CAAC represents:

  1. A Club of Atlantic cities: the Atlantic Urban Forum
  2. A Community of towns and other actors, citizens above all.

Concerning the action, it should focus on:

  1. Campaigning: make lobbying not only a political issue but also an instrument for raising awareness
  2. Cooperation: European projects, but also informal exchanges
  3. Coaching: A resource centre for the Atlantic cities,
  4. Communication: making CAAC cities, their activities and experiences, examples and ‘highlights’ of a communication strategy 2.0-based.


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