A week more for the contest Atlantic City of the year

In agreement with the jury of the contest and the Presidency of the network of Atlantic cities, the General Secretariat of the Cities of the Atlantic Arc has decided to prolong a week the contest Atlantic City of the year.

Thus, the date limit happens to be the day September 22nd, 2016. The contestants should send their applications to headquarters@atlanticcities.eu that day before 14 h (Paris).

Meanwhile, the organizers have received a series of questions that can serve to write the candidacy of your city:

-Is it compulsory to attend the ceremony of delivery of prizes?

It is highly recommended, since it’s a delivery by members of the European institutions. It would be strange that at that time there was not any representative of the city and it could be understood as a waiver. Not to mention that the forthcoming Conference in Dublin is an encounter with more than 400 participants in which funds and fundamental policies for the Atlantic Arc are discussed.

-How to write the request?

In the simplest way possible. It must be synthetic and keep in mind that the jury has to rate several nominations, so clarity and simplicity facilitate the work of the evaluators.

-Is it obligatory to organize the Atlantic day in early July?

It is highly recommended, due to the symbolic load of the 7 of July as the day of the creation of the network of the Atlantic Cities. The optimum would be to choose an event already scheduled on those dates where the Atlantic dimension can be enhanced.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other suggestion. We are looking forward to your candidacies.