‘An island in a neighborhood’ – Artistic and cultural project in Santander

On August 6, the project called “An Island in a neighborhood” was inaugurated at the British Cemetery in Santander, which has been recognized in the call for Culture Emprende grants from the Santander Creative Foundation (FSC). This presentation has been attended by the mayor of the city, Mrs. Gema Igual Ortiz, who is also the vice president and leader of the Atlantic Cities in Spain.

This project is an artistic and historical investigation that addresses the study of space, in this case a cemetery. It aims to tell the history of the city through the findings and life stories of those who rest there.

The creators, two art researchers, learned about the existence of this place and verified the potential it had to tell the story of Santander from the experiences of the people who rest there; say railway engineers, businessmen, foreign diplomats, sailors and English soldiers of the time, among others.

Special visits will be made in the coming months, which combine the traditional guided tour with the art of performance, so that participants have the possibility of approaching the history of the cemetery in a different way.

In Atlantic Cities we give special attention to the culture and art that reflect the heritage of our cities. Even more, when the story is told through and with the participation of citizens.

If you want to know more about this initiative, you can visit the website that Santander has created for the project. You can also follow our activities on Twitter