ANATOLE: Assessment of Results

In its meetings and work, Anatole partnership has exchanged their local experiences and good practices in implementing local actions involving stakeholders and policy makers to promote the local economy. Main topic: food needs, but others are at stake such as energy, supplies and tourism.
After two years of work and exchange of experiences, the partners have decided to organize a seminar in Nantes, presenting results of the ANATOLE program.

This event is planned in two stages:

1) The presentations and discussions to raise issues and prospects for the economy of the nearby building on the achievements of the program, that part will take place August 26 in the morning, at the National School of Architecture in Nantes
2) The pursuit of operational work and sightseeing experiences that same afternoon and the next morning.
This seminar complements and extends the General Assembly of the Association of Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Arc, starting the day before.




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