Annual Forum of the Transnational Platform of the European Social Fund: Atlantic Cities and employment opportunities

On May 21 and 22, the Atlantic Cities were invited to participate in the conference “Inclusion and empowerment of the community through experience” as part of the annual event of the transnational platform for the cooperation of the European Social Fund (ESF), in which the final phase of the project implementation began.

The ESF helps to develop better and more effective social employment policies, facilitating the implementation of reforms by allowing people to learn about good practices from the experiences in other countries.

The aim of the conference was to disseminate to a wide audience the lessons learned from the different transnational cooperation projects of the ESF  and also to exchange information about how the ESF and transnationality can support the development of new approaches for unsatisfactory social and labor needs.

The Atlantic Cities took part in the discussion on employment opportunities to highlight the circular economy, social innovation and green employment. The second session discussed the added value that macro-regional strategies can offer for the implementation of the European Social Fund at transnational level. To this end, projects and results in the Baltic macroregion were analyzed.

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