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CAAC is an urban network engaged to promote and defend Atlantic Cities’ interests and foster the cooperation throughout the Atlantic Area.  Moreover, from 2008, the CAAC is working to make the San Sebastian Charter recognized as a “road map” for sustainable urban development at European level. To this end, the Strategic Plan refers, among other to the following objectives:

    • Benefit from European acknowledgement


  • Improving the visiility of members



  • Strengthening communication and relevance


In this sense, it seems relevant to set up an  “Atlantic City of the Year” Contest in order to support Atlantic cities’ interests and cooperation by improving their visibility and recognition thanks to an Atlantic urban development label as the San Sebastian Charter. A better visibility and the contest should attract Europe’s gaze upon Atlantic Cities; as the result of a better perception of CAAC’s added value. In the same idea, the members of the network are welcomed to participate to the dissemination using the mechanism: Atlantic Ambassador


Atlantic City of the Year” Contest
During the last few years, Atlantic cities have applied and/or received various Awards for their urban strategies. Capital of Culture, Green Capital, Accessible Capital, Nations in Bloom, Human Heritage, Coastal cities regeneration…However, this huge potential has not been exploited yet at the  Atlantic level with an Award that rewards the Atlantic model of urban sustainable development and  fosters Atlantic cities’ reputation and attractiveness. Thus, it is proposed to CAAC members to implement a contest based on the following terms and conditions:
The Contest will be annual. Every year the General Assembly will choose the Atlantic City for the next following year, starting from the GA of 2013 for the year 2014.
The applications will be sent to a jury composed by Atlantic personalities that will evaluate the consistency of the application with the principles and the orientations of the San Sebastian Charter.
As the “Atlantic City of the Year”, the winner-city undertakes to give a strong Atlantic dimension to the initiatives planned in its proposition of Action Plan. Furthermore, this Action Plan should include the organization of the “Atlantic Day” on July 6 and 7 (day of the creation of the CAAC) or the closest.

Applications will open at the beginning of 2013.

Atlantic Ambassadors

Members of the CCAA have created the “Atlantic Ambassador” device to recognize the work of dissemination of the Atlantic Cities. As examples, the following activities:


  • Supporting the General Secretariat contacts with other Atlantic cities that work whit CAAC member cities. City Ambassadors welcoming non member cities to CAAC meetings as participants and speakers.
  • Including CAAC as dissemination, communication and good practice transfer partner within the EU projects where ambassador cities participate.
  • CAAC direct or indirect participation to the European and Atlantic events organized by the City Ambassadors: cultural festivals, Covenant of Mayors, Mobility Week, Local Democracy Week…

Atlantic Ambassadors will be acknowledged each year by the General Assembly


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