Atlantic Day 3, 4&5 July in Saint Nazaire

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On the first week of July, Saint Nazaire will host the Atlantic Day 2013. Every year CAAC celebrates its creation and its annual meeting at the beginning of the summer, in the same days where it was created in Rennes, in 2000.

In addition, this year CAAC General Assembly will choose the Atlantic City of the year 2014.

In the eve of the launch of the Atlantic Strategy by the European Union, the Atlantic Day will be an occasion to gather with all the Atlantic stakeholders and other European Partners, like CECICN.

As for the agenda, the first day will be dedicated to workshops on European issues: transport and maritime policies, citizenship, social cohesion, culture… to end with election a new President of the Atlantic cities. The second day will analyse the importance of the Atlantic cities in European development, through the implementation of projects, the motorways of the sea or the European citizens’ initiative.
So we would like to suggest you to save the date in your agendas!
Looking forward to seeing you in Saint Nazaire!

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