Festival ARCU ATLÁNTICU 2013

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Asturias. Gijón/Xixón. July 26 to August 4

Carreño, Ribadesella, Siero, Valdés, Villaviciosa

A sea and a culture to share

The Council of Gijón/Xixón wants to promote the common Atlantic culture,  organizing a large festival that serves as a link and exchange platform among the peoples that compose the European Atlantic Arc. The Sea is a substantial element of the history of this city and also of many other European Atlantic Cities. The sea routes and port spaces weave cultural and commercial networks linking closely the geographical space where they settle.The Culture and Commerce contribute to the construction of the identity of the European Atlantic and to improve its projection in the rest of Europe. With this vocation is promoted the Atlánticu Arcu Gijon Festival / Xixón, as a project that enhances communication between countries and cities through cultural and commercial development.

Each year, a country or a city is given special attention at the festival; in 2013 it will be France through the city of NANTES, as for the special bond through the motorway of the sea.

Atlanticu Arcu Festival 2013 grows and opens to the participation of other municipalities in Asturias. , Besides Gijon, Carreño, Ribadesella, Asturias, Villaviciosa and Valdes have joined and will give a new dimension, enriching the programming. Each council will present a stand at Gijon and every one of them held various program activities of the festival.

In its first edition in 2012, there were more than a hundred thousand people attending, well above expectations. The dynamic produced by the Festival regarding artists, associations, companies, professionals and cultural tourism sector has also been positive. Over a hundred artists and craftsmen, and nearly two hundred companies and professionals have participated directly in Arcu Atlánticu Festival 2012.