Saint Nazaire: Active Citizens For Atlantic Europe

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Funded by FRASECOPE, an EU awareness device of the region Pays de la Loire, Active Citizens For Atlantic Europe (CAPEA) is a project of the Saint Nazaire Agglomeration with the support of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities.

CAPEA aims to encourage and to more actively involve citizens in public action and share the challenges of European Atlantic Strategy, strengthening the dialogue between European citizens and the institutions of the European Union

Based on the experience of active participation of the inhabitants of Saint Nazaire and Avilés, the project aims to give a stronger community and civic dimension to the member cities of the CAAC in the General Assembly of Saint-Nazaire. Also, to better involve citizens, the project has created a web platform in Facebook, on the shared vision of Europe with citizens and local players.

Because cities are places of awareness of European issues, the exchange platform will aim to address in particular the urban dimension of the future cohesion policy in a “bottom-up” approach. The challenge is to involve citizens in the reflection usually reserved for elected representatives and specialized technicians -. Feel free to send your ideas and contributions to CAPEA in Facebook!