Atlantic cities demand more prominence in the Maritime Strategy

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On September 9 the Economic and Social Councils of the Atlantic regions, as RTA partners, have organized in Brussels an event of public presentation of their work on the European Atlantic Strategy. Held at the headquarters of the European Economic and Social Committee, the discussion was intended to make public the analyses, conclusions and proposals of the report conducted by the RTA on the launch phase of the European Atlantic Strategy and to discuss with the heads of this process, European institutions, Member States and Atlantic Regions and Cities the results of this work and to contribute to the promotion of new initiatives and instruments for the revitalization of the strategy and the sensitization and mobilization of the stakeholders of the Atlantic territories.

The Atlantic European strategy, intended to address the momentum of the “blue economy” in the European Atlantic Area, will only be effective and achieve its objectives if it is known, assumed and promoted by the actors of the maritime economy in the context of their activities and if the appropriate instruments are made available.

The intervention by Tamara Guirao, coordinator of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, is earmarked in this big picture. During her speech to the European Economic and Social Committee, Mrs. Guirao revealed that the Urban Forum Atlantic explored several pathways in order to improve the implementation and awareness of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy (AMS) as:

– Giving the AMS “a soul”, relating it to what has been done in the maritime field
– Opting for a more ambitious approach: strengthened territorial cooperation or macro-region
– Increasing political leadership: Thinking of a “Mr” or “Ms” Atlantic Strategy, as it was done with Solana and CFSP
– Effectively recognizing the role of local authorities in the development of the Atlantic Arc
– Exploiting the promotion opportunities opened by the initiatives of the Atlantic Arc cities like Atlantic City of the Year or the ATBRAND project.