Santander will be European City of Sport 2014

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The European Cities of Sport 2014 were announced in late July 2013. Being one of them, Santander will maximize the international projection of this title, in a year when the city should be a reference, as it also hosts THE Sailing World Championships and will open the Botín Art Center. This award, granted by the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Association, emphasized the sporting tradition of the city, its facilities, and its involvement in promoting children’s sports and celebrating the Sailing World Championships in his famous bay.

On 6 November, in the European Parliament in Brussels, Santander will receive this prize, were grassroots sport has been key. As explained by its Mayor, Iñigo de la Serna, the city expects that the title would serve to attract more attention of business and institutions in order to strengthen the sport in Santander. For twelve months Santander will fly the official flag, white with EU stars in blue and with several yellow stripes.

Thus the Atlantic Arc sports will be distinguished in 2014. Not only Cardiff will be the European Capital of Sport, but also other Atlantic cities such as Glasgow, Getxo and Logroño will accompany Santander next year.  Similarly, the mayor of Santander has expressed its intention to meet with the mayor of Turin (which will be European Capital of Sport 2015) to transfer the idea of an agreement between the two cities on sport. Santander is also opting to the International Cities’ of Sport Award, to be decided at the end of 2014 and that would recognise its work in sport.


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