Seville will host the European initiative LIFEWATCH

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The initiative LIFEWATCH (e-Infrastructure for Research and Management of Biodiversity) proposes the creation of a new research infrastructure global reference for protecting, management and sustainable use of biodiversity. The core technology infrastructure will be based in Seville. Moreover, the Netherlands will host a center for the creation of virtual laboratories and Italy will host a service center.

LIFEWATCH brings together and manages scientific infrastructure with an initial budget of 64 million euros – provided by the participating countries – which may be extended as new member states join. It will establish a computing platform so as to allow researchers to share information and access remote databases. The major benefit of LIFEWATCH will be its contribution to environmental management, to identify areas of greatest biodiversity, determine the areas that need a specific focus and above all, predicting human impacts on biodiversity at the local, regional, national or global levels.

LIFEWATCH has been identified by the European Strategy Forum on Scientific Infrastructure (ESFRI) as one of ten scientific and technical facilities that Europe must build to remain competitive.