Martin, conscious of the ecological footprint!

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Portrait Atlantic: Discover the answers of Martin Joubert

1.    If I were a meal (gastronomic element or/and drink), I would be… salted butter
2.    If I were weather, I would be… Rain
3.    If I were an Atlantic landscape, I would be… The Dune de la Tresson in Noirmoutier
4.    If I were an Atlantic discovery, I would be… The Détroit of Magellan
5.    If I were an innovation, I would be… A green energy
6.    If I were strength (advantage, quality), I would be… Eloquence
7.    If I were a nautical sport, I would be… Windsurfing
8.    In 5 years, I will be… On a boat
The annual Conference of the Atlantic stakeholders will be held in Dublin on September 27, 2016. During this event, the “City Atlantic of the year 2017“, organized by the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) will be awarded by political representatives of the Atlantic Arc and the European institutions. Nominations are open until September 15, 2016.