A delicious sardine in a sunny weather

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Discover the answers of our correspondent in Lisbon in an Atlantic portrait:

1.    If I were a language, I would be… Portuguese
2.    If I were an Arc Atlantic region, I would be… Lisbon
3.    If I were an Atlantic symbol, I would be… PADRÃO DOS DESCOBRIMENTOS (Monument of the discoveries)
4.    If I were an Atlantic event, I would be… The Lisbon oceans festival
5.    If I were a meal (gastronomic element or/and drink), I would be… A delicious sardine
6.    If I were weather, I would be… A beautiful sunny day
7.    If I were an Atlantic landscape, I would be…  Ribeira Das Naus, The Tagus River
8.    If I were an Atlantic discovery, I would be… The Portuguese age of discovery
The annual Conference of Atlantic stakeholders will be held in Dublin on September 27, 2016 for, among others, the award of the “Atlantic City of the year 2017”. Please note that nominations are open until September 15, 2016.