Thabor in Rennes, a place of calm and appeasement

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Clément Corbel defines his Atlantic Arc
1.    If I were a meal (gastronomic element or/and drink), I would be… mussels and fries
2.    If I were weather, I would be… Rain
3.    If I were an Atlantic landscape, I would be… The Thabor
4.    If I were an Atlantic discovery, I would be… Canary Islands
5.    If I were an innovation, I would be… Hydraulic energy
6.    If I were strength (advantage, quality), I would be… Empathetic
7.    If I were a nautical sport, I would be… Jet – skiing
8.    In 5 year, I will be… More open to the maritime world

Nominations for the «Atlantic City of the year 2017» are open until September 15, 2016. More information about this event organized by the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) in Dublin, on September 27, 2016, may be of interest to you. Try your luck!