Mr. Krabs greets the Atlantic Arc

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Find out the answers of Ainhoa Córdoba, communication manager in San Sebastian in an Atlantic portrait:

1.    If I were a language, I would be… Multilingual
2.    If I were an Arc Atlantic region, I would be… Basque country
3.    If I were an Atlantic symbol, I would be… Sea
4.    If I were an Atlantic event, I would be… Maritime event
5.    If I were a meal (gastronomic element or/and drink), I would be… Seafood
6.    If I were weather, I would be… Rain
7.    If I were an Atlantic landscape, I would be… Port

Becoming “The Atlantic City of the year“, it’s very simple! Applications, open until September 15, 2016, must meet certain criteria: located in the Arc Atlantic, presenting an urban policy which respects the environment and cooperation with other European actors. Results on September 27, 2016 in Dublin.