Our health depends on the sea

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Last May 25, a round table organized by Sea Change was held in the knowledge Pavilion (Lisbon). This project seeks to change the attitude of citizens towards the sea, creating a society concerned about the health of the ocean.

The Secretary General of the CAAC, Tamara Guirao, participated in a panel discussion that addressed the identification and prioritization of barriers in matters related to the sea and to the maritime digital education of young people between 12 and 19 years.

As one of the experts said: “The sea is a source of inspiration and fun, but we must take into account that we all have impact in the ocean”.

The CAAC promotes a port cities progress helping the European economic development. However, as mentioned in the analysis “Atlantic Port Cities, key for the European economic development“, those innovations must take into account a sustainable exploitation of the sea.

If you wish to have more information regarding the SeaChange project, please click here.

If you are a concerned citizen with sustainable development of the sea, you can follow the conversation on Twitter here.


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