Become the “Atlantic City of the Year 2017”, compete!

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According to the Larousse, a contest is “a competition organized to give a prize to the best competitors, or works, jobs, projects, etc., notable, which are or which are presented”.

Responding to this definition, the “Atlantic City of the Year” competition aims to reward Atlantic cities efforts to be the best in a wide range of topics.

So, what better opportunity than this contest to highlight these efforts, both at the media level as policy? In addition, the price will hold a ceremony at which will be present political personalities working on European policy.

As a citizen, I am pleased that my city is trying to improve the life its inhabitants and respecting, for example, the environment, which is a thematic not yet influencing our lives directly but which will be in the long-term.

In my opinion, the best way to promote cities’ new initiatives is through competitions such as the “Atlantic City of the Year” contest.

We take seriously the hard work of each city trying to improve the life of its citizens, but… we all know that in a contest there is only one winner.

I encourage you to participate and… Become the “Atlantic City of the year 2017”!

Manuel Alcorta