Viana do Castelo, implementation of the urban regeneration plan

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The municipality of Viana do Castelo has approved three new areas of urban renewal, which join the existing four (Historical Center, Darque, West of the city and the edge of the river).

The delimitation of these new areas allows a sustainable growth and to simplify procedures. The goal is that they become urban regeneration centers and so to promote smart, sustainable and shared growth and so the strengthening of the rehabilitation policy.

The first area is located on the north of the city with an area of 103 hectares and a population of approximately 6,986 inhabitants. The second area named “seaboard” has 38 hectares and a population of 142 inhabitants. The third area “maritime front Amorosa”, with 47.4 hectares and 1,096 inhabitants is located on the left bank of the river Lima.

The creation of these zones was approved unanimously at a meeting of the City Council.These measures are in line with urban regeneration referred to the Final Declaration of the last General Assembly of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities.

Please find more information on these new urban areas here