Compostela: Art and culture against inequalities

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The Wom@rts project about equality of the presence of women in art and the creative industries is a project of the European Commission whose purpose is to struggle the inequality between men and women in these areas. It is headed by the Auditorio of Galicia. It is one of the 15 initiatives selected by the program Creative Europe by the European Commission, among 118 candidates. It is the first time that this program approved a project with a Spanish city. The total budget is about 3 million, with a grant from the European union by 50%, distributed among the network of 10 partners from 8 different countries including our city Member Avilés due to their cultural foundation.

The Atlantic Social Lab project was sent by the Council of Santiago in collaboration with our Atlantic cities Aviles and Cork. The goal is to test innovative social policies that are reproduced in other parts of the continent. For this project, Santiago received 172 000 euros out of a total 1 643 000 euros for the whole of the nine participating institutions.

Our Atlantic cities stand out through new projects, if you want to learn more about these 2 projects, it is possible to consult them on this link


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