Sustainable urban mobility: Las Palmas shows the way

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On June 29, the transformation of the city and urban mobility improvement project began in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Atlantic City of the year 2017.

The MetroGuagua, line of high-capacity and pillar of this municipality, is a form of public transport more affordable and sustainable. It facilitates the connection with the rest of the bus network that allows for connecting all areas of Las Palmas. Its operation resembles a tram or metro, but its traction power comes from a last-generation bus able to carry more than 200 passengers.

The Mayor of Las Palmas, Augusto Hidalgo, stated that Today is a historic day for Las Palmas, because the project transforming our city begins its journey. Las Palmas deserves to have an ecological, fast and reliable public transport and this is why this work is one step closer to a big city”.

The launch of MetroGuagua represents an investment of € 100.4 million, of which € 81.8 million corresponds to the work and the remaining € 18.6 million to the purchase of vehicles.


For more information on the works, visit the website of the city of Las Palmas.
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