Creative Lisbon


The Cross-Innovation Project is an initiative funded by the European Commission under the Interreg IVC program, to promote the value of intersectoral innovation in European cities and regions. Aims to identify and share best practices in cross-innovation policies – collaborations that go beyond the limits of a sector, new partnerships between the creative industries and traditional sectors to form new knowledge. Unite efforts and inspiration, sharing knowledge and finding creative solutions to urban challenges through innovative experiments in the 11 cities that take part in the project: Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham, Stockholm, Linz, Plzen, Vilnius, Warsaw, Rome, Tallinn and Lisbon.

This blueprint on the creative economy of the city of Lisbon is also inspired by the spirit of cross-innovation and an opportunity to identify and encourage the creative potential of the city to spark new ideas as an impulse necessary for increased urban competitiveness and sustainability, and for getting creative agents involved in finding solutions. If development is also on creativity, creativity is in the city where we can move from visionto action, through connection.

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