Grand Poitiers pioneer in Open Data

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Since April 13, 2017, Grand Poitiers has launched its Open Data platform for companies and individuals. More than 140 datasets and some 729,000 records are now available on

Open Data contributes to economic development, knowledge of the territory and participatory citizenship. It can be used by companies, to better know a market, or a specific aspect and thus bring a new service to the inhabitants. To facilitate access to these data, the new Grand Poitiers platform offers the following functionalities:

  1. Tools for graphical and cartographic visualization of data,
  2. Possibilities of simple and quick classification of data,
  3. Tools to encourage users with a discussion forum, opportunities to comment data, share reuse
  4. An API (programming interface) for developers to use the data in their own applications.

Open Data strategies are an asset for Atlantic cities when implementing the principles of the Charter of San Sebastian.