Santander and Avilés: Soak up the culture for the future

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The Atlantic Cities of Avilés and Santander met on 19 September in Avilés. Gema Igual, Mayor of Santander and Vice-President of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC), presented the main projects that her city is developing in the field of culture such as the recent opening of the Botín Center.

In the meantime, Avilés celebrated its Celtic roots last July at its Interceltique Festival, proving its involvement in cultural exchanges.

This day was an opportunity for both members of the Atlantic Urban Forum to share their experiences and joint projects. Among them, the Creative Foundation of Santander or the Cultural Factory of Avilés.

It is in this spirit that the Atlantic Social Lab project is led by Avilés with the participation of other CAAC members such as Cork or Santiago de Compostela.

The CAAC Secretariat is preparing an action on these topics; do not hesitate to come back to us to know more about it.