Our Atlantic Arc Cities: models of territorial cohesion for Europe!

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The URBACT European program rewarded cities that promote territorial cohesion by labelling them “Good Practices”. URBACT’s objective is to support sustainable urban development. The goal is to facilitate exchanges between cities on societal issues and urban challenges.
The Atlantic cities did not miss the call and 6 of their initiatives were labelled “Good Practices”.

Santiago de Compostela / Spain
Tropa Verde : A game-based website for the promotion of recycling.

Avilés / Spain
GLIA : A network to coordinate actions related to immigration. It helps the integration of immigrants into society.

ICSA : A project that aims to better take into account social criteria in recruitment procedures in order to help people in difficulty to access the labor market in Avilés.

Gijón /Spain     
Citizen card: a Gijón Citizen Card system that allows citizens to access public services and facilities in the city, such as shared transport, cultural activities and digital services.
Lisbon / Portugal
Loja com História : A municipal program highlighting the legacy and identity of Lisbon’s historic shops.

An “integrated toolbox” based on co-governance for priority intervention areas. This box makes it possible to organize an upward citizen participation to fight against exclusion.

We invite you to visit the pages of these Atlantic projects to encourage these steps and why not allow your city to join these initiatives!