Cork hosts the annual congress of the Academy of Urbanism

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Hundreds of international delegates interested in the opportunities and challenges faced by ‘growing cities’ met from June 27 to 30 at the annual conference of the Academy of Urbanism that took place in Cork, leader of the working group “Cohesion “of the Atlantic Cities.

This conference of the Academy of Urbanism focused on how medium-sized cities can provide a solid economy for the growth of populations while guaranteeing a quality of life for residents and preserving the identity of the place.

The Congress, which was held in collaboration with the City Council of Cork, came at a time when Cork is projected as the fastest growing city in the country in the next 20 years, with a population of the city almost tripled by the national planning.

This congress is an inspiring and stimulating opportunity to exchange ideas and listen to the avant-garde thinking of urbanists from around the world. During those days the Academy joined within the city and used the accumulated experience of academics to address local issues live through hands-on workshops, walking tours and discussions.

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