Job offer : EU projects manager

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The Conference of the Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) is a network of territorial cooperation, based on the particular identity of the Atlantic Cities. Founded in Rennes, since 2000, CAAC has affirmed its position as Atlantic Urban Forum, both promoting cooperation between its members as well as with other Atlantic Arc and European actors, and encouraging European institutions to become aware of the interests of the Atlantic cities. Under the authority of the Secretary General, the European project manager will be in charge of implementing the actions of the association in this area.

In this context, we propose a 2-year fixed term contract to manage our 3 European projects in progress: ECORIS3, Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs, Around Me and their communication actions. Candidacies must include a CV (in Atlantic 1 language – mother tongue) and a letter of motivation (in Atlantic 2 language) to before September 13rd. 

Please note that the position is based in Rennes and that remote work is not possible. We do not have the possibility to offer a work visa to non-EU nationals.

A description of the position can be downloaded here

Please note that the deadline is 13/09 contrary to the job description.

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