Angoulême: Three weeks to the International Festival of Comics

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The International Festival of Comic Strip of Angoulême has become an unmissable event for comics every last weekend of January. This event, which will take place between January 30 and February 2, 2014, brings together professionals from around the world, in an environment filled with inspiration: exhibitions, concerts and workshops that fulfill the four-day event.

In addition, the digital activity accompanies the festival on the website With this 41st edition prefiguring comics as a witness of the times, addressing society through the tools of the 9th Art, the Festival continues this theme through a series of videos showing how contemporary writers work out “reality” everyday. In recent years, a new scene of authors worldwide explores the possibilities of comics to observe and discuss our contemporary world. Globalization, large international prospective or simply observing the daily outlook are the raw material and the concern of authors.