Viana do Castelo hosts the seminar on good practices in the Forum sponsored by the OECD

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Viana do Castelo hosted on September 19 a seminar for the presentation of best practices within the 14th edition of the LEED Forum, sponsored by the Organization for Cooperation and Development (OECD).

This seminar brought together local, national and international leaders, entrepreneurs and social innovators to discuss how current trends directly interfere in jobs, in workplaces and in local economic development opportunities.

The OECD estimates that in 2019 the global installation of 1.4 million industrial robots will completely transform companies and will have a medium-term impact on the local economy. This should encourage debate and help to anticipate greater harmony between the training and preparation of workers in terms of new job opportunities.

Since 2004, the OECD hosts the annual meeting of policymakers, local authorities, employment agencies, employers and non-governmental organizations to promote employability objectives.