Viana do Castelo presents its genuine and traditional Vianesa suit

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The Costume Museum of Viana do Castelo, Atlantic City of the Year 2018, hosted this month the public presentation of the first five genuine and traditional Vianesa suits. Copies of the costumes of Areosa, Afife, Santa Marta de Portuzelo, Geraz do Lima and the dark blue “Do” suit, made by three artisans from Viana do Castelo, were exhibited.

The Costume Museum of Viana do Castelo exhibits typical costumes that were formerly used during agricultural, fishing and seaweed harvesting work in this area of Portugal. The museum also shows costumes that were used for the Romaria de Nossa Senhora D’Agonia, as well as beautiful antique looms.

Considered one of the great cultural values of the region, the suits are certified by a document that defines the characteristics of the authentic “Vianesa suit”. During the session, the president of the Municipal Chamber of Viana do Castelo and President of Atlantic Cities, José María Costa, stressed the need to certify the Vianesa Suit so that this marvel of art could not be adulterated.