Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival

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“Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival is one of the oldest, most deeply rooted and unique festivals of the Canary Islands capital. For over five centuries the city has celebrated with masquerading, tomfoolery… and flesh.

Its origins go back practically to the dawn of history. The Gran Canaria capital, founded on June 24, 1478, soon became known for its ability to bring together cultures, with the presence of settlers of various origins.

The Historia de Canarias (the ‘History of the Canary Islands’) by José de Viera y Clavijo, recounting the arrival of the field marshal Íñigo de Brizuela at the islands in February 1635, reveals: “a great dinner was served that night, and three banquets on the days of Shrovetide…”

In addition, various 16th-Century documents allude to the presence of Italians in the city and their fondness of masked balls…”

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