Consultation of the Grand Poitiers Climate Plan: Citizen Participation.

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In March 2019, Grand Poitiers presented its Territorial Air-Energy Climate Plan (PCAET), which sets goals to reduce energy consumption and develop renewable energy by 2030.

Developed for 6 years, the PCAET defines concrete actions to be implemented to achieve these objectives around issues such as: The improvement and development of public transport; the construction of a territory that saves energy and space; waste reduction and recovery, among others.

The inhabitants give their opinion.

From July to September, a consultation invites the inhabitants to give their opinion. For this, several possibilities:
• Through the citizen platform Je participe!
Public meetings organized in the form of workshops throughout the territory (September 12 in Poitiers, September 19 in Lusignan, September 24 in Chauvigny).

The last step will be to collect and synthesize all the proposals. The community council will definitely adopt the PCAET in December 2019.
The Atlantic Cities invite citizens to participate in actions that have an impact on urban development and the environment, making use of their right to citizen participation.

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