The conference of the Sustainable Oceans Summit (SOS) was held in Paris from November 20th to 22nd

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The World Ocean Concil held a conference last week titled “Investing in the Future of the Oceans: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy”.

During these 3 days, a plenary session was organized on the theme “Women in the sea industries: leadership, sustainable development and maritime safety” which brought together women leaders from all areas of the maritime sector. The purpose of this event was to examine the possibilities of advancing women’s leadership in the maritime business, and to do so, the event was able to benefit from the presence of Brune Poirson, Minister of State for Transition the French Ministry of the Environment, as well as numerous

For the Atlantic Cities, this conference is still synonymous with progress in the field of the marine economy and respectful of the environment, as well as the importance that women occupy there. The parallel can be done with the project She 4 Sea, created in 2016, which aims to promote the visibility of women in the maritime field through interviews highlighting their journey.

For more information on this project, do not hesitate to contact the Atlantic Cities secretariat here.