Atlantic cities attracting talent

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The Great Place to Work Institute recently published the results of a survey on the cities of France most valued as places to work. Three Atlantic cities emerge from this ranking: Rennes, Nantes and Bordeaux, respectively classified in 7th, 6th and 1st position. The survey reveals that 37% of the French would leave their current place of residence to come and work in Bordeaux.

If the Atlantic facade seduces people with its living environment, its power of economic attractiveness and its resilience to the crisis have also made it a privileged ground in terms of professional implantation. Nantes also belongs to the top 3 of the French cities where unemployment has the least increased in the past five years.

This trend is reflected in other cities and regions of the European Atlantic Arc. In Spain, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Basque Country display a lower rate of unemployment than the national average, making cities like San Sebastián or A Coruña valued destinations to work.