City brand governance: shaping the collaboration model


Taking place in La Rochelle on 3rd and 4th December, the second AT.Brand international workshop will be focused on governance and management in city branding. From a governance perspective, integrated city branding is about creating, up waters, a shared working area for the diverse entities in the city targeting and interacting with different groups: visitors, investors, business, knowledge, residents. This is a response to the need of a more comprehensive and strategic communication of the city, inside and outside, representing undoubtedly a big organizational challenge.

The aim is to create a more relational way of doing things, a collaboration model, overcoming the variety of “competence silos” within the city.  Two other issues may be discussed in La Rochelle , both dealing with the role of the scale in place branding. The first one is about horizontal multi-governance in metropolitan contexts.  The second topic will analyse how to smartly manage territorial scale in city branding around transnational coalitions for co-branding and co-marketing.

Under the INTERREG Atlantic Area Programme and financed by ERDF, ATBRAND project aims to share knowledge and exchange of best practice between leading destinations in the Atlantic Arc, and also to provide funding to pilot projects until June 2015.